Collection: Intelligence Summer Collection (Coming 06/10)

A mini collection featuring two organic fabric tees, Cotton or French Terry, that portray Organic or Artificial intelligence. These shirts are a perfect edition to your closet and plan to be apart of many memories of your "Sticky Summer" Season or whichever season your region is currently under. The Future is Sticky, check us out on 06/10 to not live in the past.

The Organic Intelligence Tee is made of organic Cotton fabric and Terry cloth. on the back it features a seemingly ambiguous message but is made to shed light on the reliance of AI and its potential to overshadow human responsibility. Along with that, there is a QR code above the words that leads to the site, where eco-safe summer activities will be listed. It has an oversized and baggy fit and is a statement piece like no other. The pixelated mango skin graphic is an eye-opener and shows the already present technological influence on organic industries and substances.

The Artificial Intelligence Tee is made of organic French Terry fabric and is a fitted tee that is flattering for all who wear it. The sleeve and overall vibe of the tee can be described as a futuristic fit and style. The tee contains a QR code on the back, along with our slogan that emphasizes progression in the future. The luminous blue embroidery is made to portray a "cyber" look and is an eye catching piece for your "Sticky Summer" season or respective season. 


1.Host a clean up (Beach, grass area, city, anywhere that needs it)
2. Buy one eco-friendly alternative to a non-eco friendly product
3.Buy a metal water bottle/cup to minimize use of plastic
4.Visit a local farmers market
5.Have a impromptu photoshoot (solo/with friends)
6. Attempt a low-waste DIY
7. Plant a garden
8.Have a "Green Picnic"
9.Get an organic tote bag to use for a shopping trip instead of plastic bags
10. Try a homemade recipe using natural produce
If you complete this list with photo evidence by the end of August, you will be rewarded a free Cybersticky item. Submission of evidence through our email ( or our IG messages. 
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