Cybersticky was started in February of 2021, by a then 15 year old named Mariama Barry. At first, she customized thrifted jeans and sold them through depop. The goal was always to have zero waste and use sustainable and ethical methods. However, the fabric was not always organic, infact polymers were used, rarely, but still used throughout 2021. Shipping time was long and quality wasn't at its best. Planning needed to be done to truly bring the brand to its full potential. In 2023, we knew there needed to be a change, so we relaunched!


Now, after taking a couple months break, to plan and rebuild the brand. Sticky's back! We will release exclusively Organic fabrics and items made of recycled material. We mostly use organic cotton ,but to not exhaust natural resources we are looking into sourcing environmentally safe synthetic fibers. There is now new packaging to give a luxury experience, along with a 90% decrease in fulfillment time (Shipping). Most brands with sustainable clothing usually sell only pricey basics, leaving consumers wondering if its worth it, resulting in them buying the latter which is cheaper poly-blend clothing.The goal is to impact and influence our target audience to adopt a sustainable way of life, while still expressing themselves in statement pieces and fire clothing. The Future is Sticky, don't live in the past.
Most of our items are handcrafted, however the ones that we previously outsourced are made in Pakistan in a small factory with fair wages and work conditions that is overseen by our manufacturer.


We have Worldwide shipping and if you do not recieve your item within a 1-1.5 weeks with domestic shipping , email us cyberstickyy@gmail.com. If international, please allow 2-3 weeks before emailing. Returns usually arent free and there is a 30 day window. If there is damage, wrong item or size sent or the package has been lost, you are eligible for a return or refund. Other circumstances will be considered but not guaranteed.