As of  late 2022, Cybersticky has taken measures to provide low environmental impact clothing that is not based on micro trends. We understand that the term "Sustainable Fashion" is an oxymoron itself, however reducing potential fashion waste has been shown to effect the impact it has on landfills and overall pollution which is our overall goal. Our Sticky's World Collection is made of 360 GSM Organic Cotton and made in a limited quantity of 20 sets. The SBS denim jeans dropping 04/22, are made of recycled denim and accessories. It was handcrafted and machine made by our manufacturer Muhammad in Pakistan using ethical work conditions and manufacturing. We handmade many of our items in the past and will continue to do so for select drops. We hope to partner with sustainable organizations and charities to convince our audience to adopt a sustainable fashion forward future without over consuming. The Future is Sticky, Don't Live in The Past. 
We use non plastic packaging for the most part, however due to miscommunication with the manufacturer our "Future is Sticky" bags are made of polymers, however they are recyclable and we strongly encourage our consumers to reuse them. We use paper tape and either biodegradable/compostable mailers or boxes to ship out our items. 


Our clothing items released after September of 2022 are made of either organic or recycled fabrics. If you have the time, please check out my free "Future of Sustainability" E Magazine to inform yourself or to view my outlook on the situation. 




Fashion Revolution, a non profit organization that is working to change the way our clothing is produced, sourced
and bought. Their vision is "A global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values peo-
ple over growth and profit.

Textile Exchange is a non profit that is building a community of suppliers, sources and retailers to collectively make
a positive impact on the industry and climate. Their goal with their campaign "Climate*" is to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions by 45% by 2030 according to their site.

Fair Wear Foundation works with over 140 member brands to work with their sourcing factories and governments
to tackle problems not being solved by others. Their goal is to make fashion fair for everyone

Fashion Takes Action works to advance ethics and sustainable efforts in the global fashion industry through research, education and collaboration. As well as awareness. They are helping change the industrythrough various
initiatives, research projects, speaking engangments and global awareness campaions. It also is a platform for con-
sumers to interact in industrial efforts by providing them insight on the negative impacts and discussions about ideas
on how to accelerate positive outcomes.

Re/make is a non profit that has pledged to bring fast fashion to an end. They are building leaders and uplifting communities to join in their mission to improve fashion impact and to hold these companies accountable and push them to be transparent about their production processes. They also incite these brands in the fast fashion field to disclose information to the public and call out greenwashing.

Source: https://mpactfulninja/best-sustainable-fashion-charities/


Why fast fashion is bad for the environment
Why you should decrease your consumption
How to shop sustainably on a budget
What is the effect of fashion waste on the environment?
What is greenwashing?

Not everyone has the ability to donate to charities or to insert themselves into the fighting ring. However, everyone has the ability to fix their habits. Use these resources to be the change and start your journey today. Nobody is perfect but we can never see progress without effort. As a member of Generation Z, I try my best to inform myself and make changes in my daily life to minimize environmental waste. As well as use more sustainable practices in my business. The Future is Sticky, don't live in the past